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Masterpiece Life is a multi-specialty team of experts who are changing the experience and perception of aging. This team, led by Dr. Roger Landry – preventative medicine physician, award winning author, media personality and educator – harnesses 20 years of research for your best living now and in the future!

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Take the Masterpiece Life Challenge!

Are you up for a challenge?

Decades of research say that the choices we make every day shape our tomorrows, for better or worse. Why not start making small changes today that will have a big impact on your future, while having the support of thought-leading experts in successful aging?

What is the Masterpiece Life Challenge?

By joining Masterpiece Life, you'll participate in the complimentary 30-day Challenge. It's all about making purposeful choices that research has shown are likely to help you age in a better way. You'll have unprecedented expertise on your side, supporting you along the way.

The 30-day Challenge consists of:

Step 1. Participate in your Lifestyle Review - a brief inventory of your current lifestyle choices.

Step 2. View your customized individual report, which shows your current lifestyle choices alongside what research says is most likely to result in a successful aging experience.

Step 3. Coaching webinar - This on-demand webinar assists you in interpreting your report and setting goals around what matters most to you.

Step 4. Experience the Kickstart content - Immerse yourself in foundational and inspirational successful aging content to get a jump on your successful aging journey.

Step 5. Enjoy weekly doses of successful aging inspiration and motivation, straight from the top experts via podcasts, videos and articles. Journaling helps you apply the concepts in your own life and tackle goals that are right for you.

Step 6. Stay a while! Successful long-term change takes time. We invite you to continue your journey with us. No action is needed to continue your Masterpiece Life membership, but should you decide to cancel, please contact us.

Join today and unlock your experience to living better longer!

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