Frequently Asked Questions

What is masterlife™?
masterlife™ is an inspiring, new offering from Masterpiece Living, LLC – a nationally recognized organization dedicated to healthy aging. masterlife™ provides tools and resources to enable adults to adopt lifestyles and make choices that result in better aging, growth, and purpose.

Research gathered over the past 20 years discovered that over 70% of how you age is a matter of seemingly minor, everyday choices that greatly determine what the rest of your life looks like. It is never too late to begin!

Who is it for?
masterlife™ is for everyone, including middle-lifers, older adults, those with pre-existing conditions, and even folks with physical, social, spiritual, or intellectual challenges. Everyone can significantly gain from this experience when it becomes a way of life. Making quality lifestyle choices is important at any age, but research has proven that small, incremental changes even into your 90s will make a positive impact for your quality of life.
Tell me about the research?

masterlife™ research leverages a landmark 10-year study by the MacArthur Foundation. The study discovered that 70% of physical aging and approximately 50% of mental aging is determined by the lifestyle choices you make every day. This means you’re not resigned to accept a life of steady decline as you age. Instead, aging can be a time of growth if you maintain your physical and mental skills, reduce your risk for disease and injury, and stay productive and engaged with life.

This landmark research began a steady flow of subsequent research on successful aging which continues today, all of which masterlife™ helps you apply in your daily life. In addition, masterlife™ maintains its own one-of-a-kind database on successful aging, detailing the real-life journeys of over 25,000 people experiencing the Masterpiece lifestyle. masterlife™ collects and analyzes these two million data points in an effort to further the collective knowledge about successful aging and to ultimately shape public policy so that our society is a better place to age.

Ongoing data revelations are the result of studying and analyzing the successful aging data collected from over 25,000 people experiencing Masterpiece Life in our partner communities. The two million data points we continue to collect, analyze, and adjust create opportunities for better lifestyles.

What can it really do for me?
masterlife™ can help you live life to the fullest. Ten years of research and working with partner communities involving 25,000-plus residents demonstrated that the masterlife™ experience promotes successful lifestyle choices socially, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. These comprehensive tools will be personally delivered to you weekly by email and available on your dashboard.

For example, average adults engaged in a masterlife™ environment reported feeling in control of their life and health, had a sense of meaning and purpose, maintained or increased social activity with others, maintained or increased intellectual activities, improved memory, and increased physical activity.

What is included in my membership?
With this membership you’ll receive the proven tools for living your best life and making the healthiest choices for living well. These comprehensive tools will be delivered to you personally each week, month, and quarter via email and your custom dashboard.

You’ll get access to leading experts through video chats, articles, podcasts, and a personalized lifestyle inventory identifying any potential hidden risks for the fundamental elements of better living. You’ll also enjoy e-journaling challenges, thought-provoking exercises, monthly webinars coaching you on best lifestyle choices, and quarterly lifelong-learner courses diving deeper into the issues of aging well.

As an added incentive to healthy lifestyle choices, members receive the Amazon best-selling book, The Official Summary of Live Long, Die Short by Dr. Roger Landry.

How much does membership cost?
Annual membership to masterlife™ and all the incredible lifestyle and behavioral-changing benefits is $149 annually.
Can I cancel my membership?
Committing to a life of better wellness – living better longer – is a healthy choice! masterlife™, its team and experts, know the impact this experience can have. We are so confident and committed to supporting your journey that masterlife™ membership is available for free for the first month – with all its benefits including the downloadable, official summary of the award winning book by Dr. Roger Landry, Live Long, Die Short! Your credit card will be charged at the end of this trial. If you wish to stop membership, please contact us in your first month and we will discontinue your membership, no questions asked!
How do I access my benefits?
When you become a member, you’ll receive a personal login and be able to set your confidential password to unlock the full suite of masterlife™ benefits.
I’m having trouble logging into my account. What do I do?
If your password isn’t working, easy resetting instructions are available under the “Login” option on the homepage. If you’re still experiencing problems, please contact us at and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
Can I download the materials and share them?
We understand you may want to share this experience in which you’ve invested; however, because this is a personal experience for your lifestyle, material is accessed through your personalized login and password for your viewing only.
Can I purchase a membership for my parents or friends?
You can provide masterlife™ as a gift for friends and family by clicking the “Join Now” button on the homepage.
How can I resubscribe to masterlife™?
If you have previously cancelled your membership and wish to resubscribe, please contact us and we can help you with the re-registration process.